Our Narrators

“I simply adore narrating a great story!”

Brenford Bookbird

Our world is unique and we want yours to be too! That’s why we do our best to add a personal touch with a bit of sunshine to each and every tale we tell. Meet the narrators of StarField Stories.

Our feature narrator, Ross Allen
Ross Allen – Actor, Narrator/Music Artist
And — our various guest narrators, bring our stories to life and enchant listeners young and old!
Claire Cave
Narrator of “Heather & the Harlequin Horse,” “Toulouse the Tortoise” & “Trolling Along” 
Ebony Anne Isaac Scheduled to narrate “Little Sally Jackson”                                                                                                                                                                
Tony Mazza Scheduled to narrate “Polly On Parade”
LORD TOPH Narrator of “Mr. Swinefellow”


“I’ll read you a story!” said Monkey and Giraffe smiled happily.



Listen to Ross Allen narrate “Fuzzy McKenzie”
Listen to Claire Cave narrate “Heather and the Harlequin Horse”
Listen to LORD TOPH narrate “Mr. Swinefellow”
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