The music of StarField Stories sets the atmosphere and scene of all our stories!

We’ve got happy, wacky, whimsical, kooky and classic type tunes custom made just for you while you read our books… And they are all original too!


Music is a BIG deal!


Music makes us feel free and it is great to dance to when no one is watching!


Music is great during a wintry walk with a friend!
Happy songs are great… Especially before bedtime!
Music is good for body & soul!

Albums & Singles

Fuzzy McKenzie
“Hooray For Fuzzy McKenzie” 
“Her Name is Fuzzy”
“Ice Cream & Pizza”
“It Rained It Rained It Rained”
“Little Frances”
“Baby’s my Best Buddy”
“Fuzzy From Now On”
“My Best Green Dress”

Crusty Bigglebones
“No One like Crusty Bigglebones”

Heather and the Harlequin Horse
 “A Song for Heather”
“What If”
“Dreaming in the Meadow”
“Just Across the Way”
“My Harlequin Horse”
“Take Off”
“Just Across the Way ft. (Claire Cave)”
“Just Across the Way (ft. Nate Madsen)

Mr. Swinefellow
“The Greatest Place of All”

Lou Says Who Says
 “I Know Why”
“It’s Marvelous”
“Questions & Answers”
“Skip & Tell”

All music for StarField Stories Composed, Arranged & Produced by LORD TOPH Except Where Indicated  *
Published by Monté CrisToph Music © All Rights Reserved
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