Marvin Studies For Big History Test!

Marvin studies for his big history test coming up soon… Will he get the “A” he wants??


“This History Test is going to be a breeze, thanks to my friends in the Kooky Spooky House!”
Our good friend Marvin has a big test coming up soon… A very important history test.  
Recently, he has been studying really hard to make sure that he gets the best grade possible.  
Marvin has always been a grade “A” student, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t study as well
as he can to get the grade he feels he deserves.
As we all know, it wasn’t too long ago when Marvin became great friends with a bunch of kooky,
spooky and really fun characters.
Marvin being tutored by kooky spooky friends.
Although he has to study with not much time to play, he decided to ask his friends to help him study 
for the big exam day!  This was a smart idea indeed, as many of his monster buddies have been around
for a very long time.  So, they are bound to teach young Marvin a thing or two about the important
moments of our past!
“Having fun with your friends is always great,” Marvin says, when asked about his study time. 
“What makes real friends, is when they can be there to help you with things when you need them the most.
I am glad my friends are helping me study and it makes me feel even more confident about the test I’ll be taking soon!”
We are sure things are going to go quite well for little Marvin… And we at StarField Stories News are rooting for him 100%
— all the way to a perfect “A”!
Steenie Emil – Reporter
StarField Stories News