Lord Toph Releases “Lou Says… ‘Who Says?'”

“Lou Says… ‘Who Says?'”

“Lou Says… Who Says?” by Lord Toph
























A new picture book for children

(Release Date ~ September 20th, 2019)

As adults perhaps too few of us remember what it was like when we began to understand the simplest things in life. I’m certainly not saying that most of us have a spotty memory from our childhood. What I am actually saying is, that the questions of why things are the way that they are so often alluded to us as children.

It is from this very point that our imagination begins to be flourished. Why is the sky blue? What are those big, metal birds that fly above us… And why do people have to wear clothes? These all may sound like silly questions to adults but for a young mind, the possibilities of the answers are not only endless, but very often are a lot of fun!

“Lou Says… Who Says?” is a great salute and celebration to the imagination in every child and their ongoing quest to understand the “why” of anything and everything.  Written and illustrated by Lord Toph, “Lou Says Who… Says?” combines traditional illustrations with whimsical color and design, which for years, has been so often revered and loved in classic children’s books.


“Lou Says… Who Says?” book illustration

Inspired by and in homage to the great and memorable author, Theodor Geisel (who we all know as the fantastic, Doctor Seuss), this colorful and wonderful story invites us all to remember the beginnings of our vivid imagination and is fit to be very entertaining for both children and adults.

Most of us understand the “why” of things as adults, so let little Lou remind us of the beauty in simply asking, “Who Says?”

Ross Allen, StarField Stories Feature Narrator