Friendship Sweet As Pie!

Just a couple of weeks ago, Lord Toph had the pleasure of meeting up with his best friend and confidant, Sunghee Lee. For many of you that don’t know, Miss Lee also happens to be the original co-founder of StarField Stories. That’s right, she was an important part of bringing our vision to life and we always make it a point to pay credit where credit is due.

Since our humble beginnings, Sunghee has gone on to pursue other things and she is doing quite well, we should say. But, no worries friends! Lord Toph and Sunghee are still like two peas in a pod when it comes to getting together for a good laugh and to talk about interesting things.

It was a humid, rainy summer afternoon when they recently met up to catch up. Sunghee is always quite good on choosing a new and interesting place. So based on her choice, they ended up having their afternoon chit chat at a clean, cozy little pie shop tucked away on the outskirts of Brooklyn. The name of the desert eatery is called, “Four & Twenty Black Birds.” 


There were all sorts of pies to choose from, like the Salted Carmel Apple Pie, the Seasonal Custard, the Savory Veggie or Savory Meat Pie. And yes, as you all can bet, they are all yummy!

So many yummy treats to choose from!

Yet the most scrumptious part of the meeting for Lord Toph, was hearing the details of a recent trip Sunghee had taken. It was a blast for him just hearing about it and looking at all of the images Sunghee showed him from her phone! While the two sat enjoying cups of tea and caffè latte with their dessert, they looked at many colorful pictures from Sunghee’s trip.



By the way, do you think you can guess the place Sunghee went to visit?

Was it France?

Maybe it was Africa?

Could it have been Egypt?

Do you think it was South Korea?

Did she go to Istanbul?

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“Fuzzy Mc Kenzie” by LORD TOPH









And for those who live in New York or are plan on visiting, be sure to make it to have a delicious piece of pie at “Four & Twenty Black Birds.”

MMMmmm… Pie!







Steenie Emil – Reporter
StarField Stories News