Crusty Bigglebones Secretly Builds New Invention!

Crusty Bigglebones is creating  a brand new invention — And it’s  the biggest talk of the town!

Crusty Bigglebones hard at work in his new invention laboratory.


Brilliant young inventor, Crusty Bigglebones has got a brand new, super-cool, super-secret invention that he is working on
and the whole town is trying to find out just what it is! 
Crusty’s creative secrecy can only be rivaled by his many great accomplishments!  With space travel already under his ever growing belt of innovation and success, his next invention is expected to be unbelievably marvelous!  When asked about his secret, new invention, Crusty says with a chuckle, “Honestly, I think it will be better than anything I’ve ever built before!”  Crusty goes on to say, “I want to make something that will change the way people think about the future.  Like me, kids today can really become whatever they want to and surprise the whole world with their ideas and projects if they believe and put their minds to it!  
This latest creation of mine will play a big part in showing all kids what they too can do to become successful!”  
Many anxious reporters from all over the world are flocking in and trying to find out just what Crusty Bigglebones’ new invention will be.  But Crusty works alone, hour upon hour in closed quarters to make sure no details of his new creation are revealed or discovered until he is certain his masterwork is complete.  
Crusty simply tells every inquirer modestly and politely, “You’ll have to wait a little bit longer.”
We at StarField Stories News can’t wait to see what young Mr. Bigglebones’ new invention will be — And we will surely be among the first to fill you all in on the details!
Steenie Emil – Reporter
StarField Stories News